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Eric Nyvall Inc., Chartered Accountant is a firm based in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. 

I see clients by appointment at their place of business or in my office.

My clients range from medical professionals to various owner managed businesses such as auto repair shops, pharmacies, construction companies and more.

I prepare financial statements, tax returns (T1 – Individual, T2 – Corporate, T3 – Trust), and handle all year-end filings and compliance but most importantly I give open and very honest advice to clients. 

I utilize tax planning through achieving a corporate structure that is designed to minimize the total amount of tax payable at all combined levels. 

Most commonly that involves the use of holding companies and family trusts to split income with spouses and family members.

The practice is based upon offering top level individual service and an entrepreneurial focused approach that a lot of my competitors would have a hard time offering. 

You will notice a distinction between my website and that of my competition – I do not have the profiles up of any students or associates. 

I simply do not have any. 

I offer service to my clients with the proposition that I am the accountant that will be doing their work and that I will be the accountant they talk to on the phone.

Some of my clients have told me that they found it extremely frustrating that their previous accountant moved them over to the client roster of one of the associates or that they got phone calls every year from different students that were doing the work.

My practice is all about personal and professional service. Contact me directly to find out how I can help your business today!