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The Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission delivers legal aid services in offices located throughout the province.

Offices are staffed by NSLA lawyers and supplemented by Private Bar lawyers when needed

Nova Scotia Legal Aid provides some level of help to all Nova Scotians with a focus on providing support for the most vulnerable and historically disadvantaged including First Nations Peoples, African Nova Scotians, Immigrants and economically disadvantaged persons. 

Examples of our focus are our Aboriginal Justice Plan and our focus on Social Justice to assist with those whose income or housing are at risk. 

In 2015, Nova Scotia Legal Aid was awarded the CBA NS Excellency in Equity and Diversity Award. 

We are committed to helping overcome historical barriers to access to justice.

To find the Legal Aid Office nearest you, please refer to the “Legal Aid Offices” page.

The Commission has 17 Directors, 2 of whom are non-voting members selected from the public service.

All other Directors are appointed by the Provincial Governor-in-Council; 8 are nominated by the Minister of Justice (Attorney General) and 7 are nominated by the Council of Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society.

One of the Directors is named as Chair.

The Directors need not all be lawyers; they represent all geographical areas of the Province, serve three-year terms and may be reappointed.