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Many of the animals that you see in our exhibit once belonged to people as pets.

They have been dropped off here because their owners lost interest in the animal itself, no longer had time to look after it, could not afford to take care of it, or the animal became more work to take care of than they had anticipated.

Whatever the reason, these animals were in need of a good home.

Some of our animals were not as lucky to have even a temporary loving home.

A few of the animals here have been rescued from the homes they were kept in.

They have been abused, malnourished, improperly kept and again, in need of a good home.

Our intention with this centre is to educate people on what these animals need to be taken care of properly.

Many of them do not make good pets and generally should not be kept in our homes.

Animals such as alligators and crocodiles require much more space, care and experience than the average person is able to provide.

Some of them, however, make excellent pets and are easy to care for. Bearded dragons and certain snakes, for example, are easier to maintain than cats and dogs.

Regardless of what kind, we want people to gain an understanding that having a pet means making a commitment to the lifetime of an animal that includes quality care. We understand that sometimes things happen in life and that unexpected events may occur.

However, our mission is to take the impulse out of buying animals as pets and make sure that people understand the full spectrum of what is involved in caring for these amazing creatures before making that commitment.

It is our hope that by doing this, more pets will receive quality care and fewer animals will be left in need of a home.

*By shopping in our pet store, you are supporting our cause for education and quality care.

The money we make here also goes back into the education centre; allowing us to provide better care, as well as create beneficial education programs for the public and for schools.