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Nimegeers Law Firm was established in 1998 and became Nimegeers Carlson Law Firm when Carla Carlson joined the partnership in 2003.

However, the firm has deep and longstanding roots in the City of Swift Current.

Clifford Nimegeers commenced practicing in Swift Current in 1966 with the firm of Roth, Grant, Orr and Hanna and has been practising continuously in the City of Swift Current and surrounding area since that time.

Supported by a father-daughter team, your experience with our firm will be unique.

Combining wisdom and energy, we are ready to serve. In a solution-focused environment utilizing plain and honest language we will guide you to find your best answers.

We are entrepreneurs and business people.

We understand partnerships, complicated family dynamics and technical requirements.

We know joy and loss.

Together, we can help you define your success.