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Our 7,500 square foot retail store in beautiful Napanee provides our customers with the opportunity to experience a wide selection of luxurious home furniture, new appliances and super comfortable beds and mattresses.

Our customers get the best information on the latest in home appliances; add our selection of accessories and we help you make your house a home.

Come in and wander through; have a comfortable seat.

Choose from over 30 chairs, 25 sofas or try a recliner.

Take a few minutes and sit down in one of our living room vignettes.

Enjoy the comfort of quality Canadian Made Furniture.

Let Linda, Wally or Steve explain the construction that ensures that same comfort for many years to come.

Does your washer smell bad? You might want to watch this short video and find out why, and how to correct it.

This is just a sample of the knowledge and expertise found within our staff.

We are always available to help with tips and would be happy to answer any questions.