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Introducing Steakhouse Casual

Bob & Nick Constabaris were onto something way back in 1960 when they opened the first MR MIKES restaurant on Granville St. in Vancouver.  And it’s funny that relatively little has changed since that humble beginning (other than the fact that we no longer have a salad bar).

So, after 50 plus years, we’ve decided to celebrate what we are, stop comparing ourselves to what we aren’t and to create an entirely new steakhouse category we can call our own.

SteakhouseCasual is about feeling like you belong, where everyone feels comfortable in his or her own way. It’s humble and modest and it’s your place – a place where you don’t have to be something you’re not, you can just be yourself. It means tasty and affordable creations from our signature steak and Mikeburgers to our home-branded wines and beers. It’s about creating memories, uncontrollable laughs and the charm of warm service.

Staying true to our roots, we are embarking on revitalizing all our restaurants to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and genuine, and never contrived.  We’re leaving behind the tired décor of our past in place of memorable photos, warm wood grains, distressed metals and artwork that celebrates the essence of who we are.

At MR MIKES, we don’t presume to be average or ordinary.  We celebrate our uniqueness and the momentous events that contribute to our diversity.  We chuckle in the face of political correctness and etiquette as we reminisce about that time, way back when…

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