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When you have a true love of something, you appreciate it from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

I love frames of all sizes, colours and shapes.

Want to look elegant and demure? No problem! Want to look professional and fun at the same time? No problem! How about the true fun-loving side of you that your family and friends see on the weekends?

There’s a frame for that, too! Just as there are different faces in the world, there are all types of frames – ordinary to extraordinary.

Remember, the person who cares more about how you look in your eyeglasses than you is me.

Experience the Moulton Optical difference!

We only have 3 seconds to make a first impression.

As humans, our initial contact is made through the eyes. Eye contact, then the observer sees the frame that’s framing your eyes.

You want this impression to be true to you. You’ll never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

Although eyeglasses are an accessory, they’re also one of the few items we purchase that we can’t function fully without. 

Remember, eyeglasses are a medical appliance. 

If you break down the cost per wear, there is nothing we wear as much and pay as little for.

Most of us pick a safe pair that will get us through all circumstances.

The concept of having several pairs of eyeglasses of a current prescription that you’ll actually want to wear…priceless!

With this in mind, we now offer 40% off of your second pair so you don’t have to choose.