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As a lawyer, Notary Public, and Commissioner of Oaths, Kieran has the knowledge and skill to help you with your document preparation, and to make sure that everything is done right the first time.

Kieran believes that document preparation and legal services should be accessible, affordable, and convenient.

Life can be hectic! We don’t always have the time to plan and make appointments days or weeks in advance to see a Notary Public or lawyer.

That is why Kieran has made it an important part of his business to accept same day appointments, so that everyone can be accommodated.

Kieran also knows that a lot of people work Monday to Friday, 9-5.

Because of this, Kieran is happy to make himself available for after hours and weekend appointments. Morris Notary provides a variety of notary services upon request.

You can also visit our notary resources page to learn more about the notary public and legal services that Kieran offers.

Kieran was born and raised in Ontario but came to Vancouver to attend the University of British Columbia.

He has called Vancouver home ever since. After finishing law school, Kieran trained as a personal injury lawyer and now has his own firm, Morris Law.

Kieran noticed that his firm was receiving a large number of calls from people requesting the services of a notary public, and that callers seemed to be having difficulty finding a notary public who would be able to help them immediately.

Kieran realized that there must be a need in Vancouver for same-day notary public services, which was his inspiration for starting Morris Notary, your Vancouver Downtown Notary.

In his private time, Kieran is a sports and fitness enthusiast and a self professed car nut. Also, if you know Kieran, you will rarely see him without his Pug, Bijou.