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Montana Electric was founded in 1998 by myself, Master Electrician David Pamic.

After working in this city as an electrician for many years at a large local company with a commercial focus, it became evident there was a great need for an electrical contractor dedicated to servicing the residential needs of greater Ottawa.

People regularly told me that when they called one of the larger companies, they were told that these companies were just “too busy” to do a small residential job, or the company would just throw out some prohibitive pricing or estimate.

The big companies were only interested in the larger commercial jobs.

I soon found that there was a need for a professional, affordable electrician who would add that plug, install that ceiling fan or wire that finished basement.

They wanted personal, reasonable, reliable service and peace of mind that they could count on.

It was then that I founded Montana Electrical Services. The rest is history.

Before long our services grew and we began to wire new homes, undertake major renovations and even light commercial work.

Now we do it all. We work with our clients at their convenience and within their budget.

Our mission is to always to place our client’s needs as our number one priority.

With thousands of satisfied customers, every day our goal is to ensure that when you hire an electrician, it is a simple and pleasant experience.

When you call Montana Electric, you can rest assured your electrical needs will be met and your expectations exceeded.