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“Don’t be ashamed of real life! We are the cleaning company you don’t have to clean for”

Looking for: busy households who are feeling overwhelmed with the state of their homes.

People who are noticing that the flow of their homes are not allowing them to be as happy at home as they could be.

Homes where simple daily tasks feel frustrating and take much longer than they should ex: finding matching socks.

Anyone who has felt ashamed or embarrassed about their home.

Anyone looking to improve their quality of life and make more time to do the things they enjoy

As a single mother with three children, I know first hand how hard it is to keep a healthy balance.

Between work, kids, home, social life, physical health, and me-time I was left feeling like there weren’t enough hours in the day.

I would log onto social media and see pictures of other moms who seemed to be holding everything together.

The more that I talked to my friends and other moms I would meet.. the more I understood that I wasn’t alone.

There were lots of other women feeling like they needed to improve.

My mess was something I spent lots of time trying to hide. I was ashamed and embarrassed.

Once I started to focus on getting things organized, decluttering, developing usable living spaces, and tidying more often I started to feel a giant weight lifted off my shoulders.

I could associate everything I was struggling with my disorganization.

I can make one hell of a mess… and I can make it fast… but I can also clean one up… I do that fast too!

If this post speaks to you at all I would encourage you to give me a call!