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About McIver’s Appliance Sales & Service


Established by Jack McIver in 1964, McIver’s Appliances has long been serving the Lower Mainland for over 50 years!  

By providing our customers with a one-stop appliance store for sales, service, and parts, our goal is to share our knowledge and experience for as long as Vancouver will let us.  

With a dedicated focus towards quality in both our products and our services, we will never partner with any appliance companies that do not meet our own standards of quality.  

You can call us a bit “old fashioned”, but depending on what you are buying, we refuse to believe that just because something is new it must be the best!

Jack, himself, likes to coin the phrase “Appliances of Don’t”, because even though a product might be marketed and advertised as the latest and greatest, the standards that they are built for do not necessarily match the fine craftsmanship of yesterday’s products.

Our goal is not to sell you on the glitz and glamour in the world of appliances and then have you come back to us in a short period of time with a broken-down product.

Our aim is to educate our customers on certain facts that will benefit them in the long run, such as gas vs. electric or upgrading parts that will make laundry machines clean faster and better.