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About Marches Tau

The Dream of my grandfather Eli Brown

Passionate about natural health, it was in 1987 that my grandfather Eli Brown bought the first health food store TAU on St-Denis.

Self-taught businessman and visionary, Eli knew what he wanted and it was nothing less than to offer Quebec’s largest, most comprehensive and best health food stores. A few years after buying the store, my father Gary joined the team to accompany its expansion plans.

Due to a balanced diet, my grandfather’s health was greatly improved. He was a motivating example for the rest of us. Aged over 70 years, he ran several kilometers per day.

His energy, passion and determination were really contagious. Working with him and contributing to the family business while we were growing up, became the purpose of our lives.

Eli died in 1999, but his vision is more alive than ever. His influence is still present and leads us to realize the dream of an extraordinary man.

Now it’s our turn, my brother Gideon and myself, together with a friend Andrew Facchino, continue to maintain the quality standards that are the hallmarks of TAU, always seeking to innovate the best products on the market and providing the most comprehensive services.


TAU is aware of the importance of leaving future generations a healthy environment. “We have not inherited the earth from our fathers. We borrow it from our children. ”

Today, each child takes on average four times more carcinogens (pesticides, preservatives, etc.). As an adult. Today’s choices will have an impact on their development and future health.

TAU encourages organic chemicals to ward off our plates, and also to protect sources of drinking water, protect the health of farm workers and promote agricultural diversity.

37 years later, Eli’s dream is a reality that we share with you.

To Your Health

Robbie Brown

Vice President

January 2016

Source: Marches Tau