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About Magnolia Jewellery

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Magnolia is an International Jewelry Branded Chain that exhibits high quality fashionable and trendy collection of jewelry.

The exceptional offering and unique retail concept answer the needs of discerning women with fashion-sensitive tastes who seek one-of-a-kind designs, genuine value at affordable prices along with a friendly and professional service experience.

Launched in 1996, Magnolia has grown to become one of the largest retailer of handcrafted designer jewelry.

Today, Magnolia has more than 100 branches worldwide, including locations in Israel, Portugal, and Canada, with further global expansion on the way.

A tantalizingly diverse collection of handcrafted jewelry made from the highest quality metals can be found at every one of our locations.

Among the metals we use are 925 silver, gold plating, stainless steel and various other metals.

In order to ensure our customer satisfaction and meet international standards, our jewelry undergoes rigorous quality testing.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a range of nearly 1,500 unique designs at any given location.

Only a single piece of each design is on hand at each location so that every woman’s unique taste is expressed in her selection and is unlikely to be found anywhere else.