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KEITH AARTSEN, SUSIE K. KRISTAN, BILL A. COLLER and I (Benjamin D. Levine), have a combined experience of over 70 years practicing law in Prince George, BC.

We have focused our practices on matters of family and criminal law that affect the citizens of Prince George and Northern British Columbia.

This includes Divorce, Property Division, Custody, Family Violence issues, Support and representation in all criminal code offences. 

Our focus is to help you understand the legal issues and process, and to work together to advance your legal interests.

We have assisted tens of thousands of clients over our carreers, experience that we will bring to your case.  

Esteemed and highly experienced criminal counsel, C. Keith Aartsen, has been defending accused people for over 40 years in Prince George. 

Call me for a consultation at 250 960 2169.