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Starting the journey of sustainable business practices at jmichaels was not a sudden, wakeup-one-morning and jump on the green bandwagon, situation: it was a gradual evolution. There are members of the jmichaels team that had long started the sustainable journey in their personal lives, from every day small gestures to the acquisition of hybrid cars. For jmichaels it was the natural next step. One of the many initiatives to implementing sustainable practices was the introduction of the “ingreen” fashion collection. “ingreen” is a certified organic collection that is designed exclusively for jmichaels to provide women of all ages with fair trade and socially responsible apparel that reflects their lifestyle and values. This exciting new collection is all about inspiring women to feel great about themselves and the world they live in.

The jmichaels team is very passionate about the new direction, and is confident that the changes will have a positive effect on the business, the environment, consumers, employees, and most of all and more importantly, those involved in the manufacturing process. jmichaels invites you to come in, learn and share sustainable ideas, and fall in love with these luxurious, new sustainable styles.

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