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Helping Hands Movers are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 604.783.6454. We revolutionized the moving industry over 5 years ago, without over pricing or hidden costs.

When we arrive we do a walk through with you to get an idea of what is being moved and to ascertain the best way to load your move.

We then prepare every item for shipping.

This entails the wrapping of your wooden and fragile belongings in furniture pads before they leave the house.

Fabric furniture is shrink wrapped to prevent any dirt or moisture damage.

Where necessary, floor and walls are protected with cardboard sheets to prevent scratches and smudges.

These precautions are at free of charge and part of every move.

We proudly serve moving customers in the British Columbia area.

We know that it is what’s inside your house that makes it a home, and we promise each customer that those contents will be treated with the utmost respect.

We choose movers who demonstrate a respect for your property and respect for your desire for a stress-free moving experience.

To ensure each move goes as smoothly as possible, we work directly with qualified movers to ensure they meet or exceed your expectations for the moving process.

This customer focus has earned us our quality reputation.

We’ve all seen it on TV, or perhaps been asked to help a college friend during a move.

Somehow there is the idea that a couple of friends will get together over a weekend, bbq, and have a few drinks while magically moving the contents of a home.

The reality of a move is usually much different.

Doorways that are nearly too small to get the couch through, disassembling furniture to get it down stairs, etc. all lead to a frustrating experience.

Save yourself the hassle and call us to get TOP movers in British Columbia.