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Free Your Toes!®
Live, work and play with your toes exposed® and the freedom of flip flops on your feet.

FlipFlopShops.com is the authentic retailer of the hottest brands and latest styles of flip flops and sandals. It’s more than just an online shop…it’s a lifestyle.

Even if you don’t call them flip flops, but know them as, thongs, jandals, slipslops, go-aheads, pluggers, toesies, scuffs, flip-flaps, flips, slaps, rubber slipper, rubbah slippah, zori, thong sandals, geta, ti leaf sandal, or Rastafari slippers, we know you’ll love seeing your toes.

We love the water and everything about it. Whether it’s surfing at Rincon with friends, or standing at the water’s edge in Tofino while the waves pull the sand out from under your feet and back to the sea…we love it. We ride powder in Canada, bike the backcountry of New Zealand and raft down the Colorado. We love adventure and traveling. We keep up on the latest fashion trends and make up our own. We sometimes go to bed with salty skin and the smell of the ocean after a day of surfing. We take care of our environment and help out our favorite charities. We love music and singing along with our favorite songs.

Our flip flops are an extension of who we are and what we stand for. We live, work and play with our toes exposed® while wearing the freedom of flip flops on our feet.

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