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Online Circulaire Fastenal Weekly Flyer, Ads & CircularOnline Circulaire Fastenal Weekly Flyer, Ads & Circular Online Next Week Circulaire Fastenal Flyer, Circular & AdsOnline Next Week Circulaire Fastenal Flyer, Circular & Ads

About Fastenal

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Cutting Tools & Metalworking | Fasteners | Electrical | Plumbing | Hardware | Raw Materials | Tools

Fastenal provides companies with the fasteners, tools, and supplies they need to manufacture products, build structures, protect personnel, and maintain facilities and equipment.

Guided by a motto of “Growth Through Customer Service,” our local teams work closely with customers to keep needed supplies flowing, provide supply chain solutions and expertise, and drive business improvements that help them compete and thrive. Simply put, we don’t just make a sale — we align with our customers to make them more successful.

The Fastenal story began in 1967 when Bob Kierlin pooled together $30,000 with four friends and opened the first Fastenal location, a 1,000 square foot shop in his hometown of Winona, MN. The original business plan was to dispense nuts and bolts via custom vending machines, but the idea proved to be ahead of its time. Several decades would pass before Fastenal finally popularized industrial vending.
After surviving the typical struggles of a startup business, Fastenal gradually found its niche by going the extra mile for customers and providing the kind of service that kept them coming back. Kierlin later drilled this approach down to four simple words: Growth Through Customer Service.