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Anyone who knows Chuck, knows that he is insatiably curious about things. 

As a result, he attended George Brown College to become a goldsmith, so he would know more about what he was selling.

In 1991, Chuck opened his first Thunder Bay store at 108 E. Frederica St.

In order to be sure that he was getting the quality that he was paying for, he decided to become a Gemologist from the world recognized Gemological Institute of America, and subsequently, a Certified Appraisal Professional with the Canadian Jeweller’s Association. 

He is currently one of the only two Certified Appraisal Professionals between Winnipeg in the west and Elliot Lake in the east.

In 1995, the store was moved to 133 W. Frederica St. Then, in 2001, the store was moved to Arthur Street Marketplace (Thunder Bay Mall) at 1101 W Arthur St. 

Finally, in 2012, the store was moved to its current location at 1094 Memorial Ave. Centrally located in the busy Intercity Shopping area, this location is even bigger than previous locations and has lots of natural light.