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Online Circulaire EuroMax Foods Weekly Flyer, Ads & CircularOnline Circulaire EuroMax Foods Weekly Flyer, Ads & Circular Online Next Week Circulaire EuroMax Foods Flyer, Ads & CircularOnline Next Week Circulaire EuroMax Foods Flyer, Ads & Circular

About EuroMax Foods

The story of the company starts with Irena and Jan Cidylo (pastry chef), who, like many East European families, came to Canada in search of a better future for themselves and their children. With them they brought traditional European values of hard work, determination, honesty and friendliness as well as the knowledge of making wonderful traditional European foods.

The first “Karpaty store”, named after great European mountain range, opened its door to the public in 1989. It was located in a small wooden shack in the middle of an unpaved parking lot close to Hurontario St. and Dundas St. in Mississauga. The cozy clean interior, heavenly smell of freshly baked breads, delicious cakes and pastries, assortment of unique foods and friendly courteous service quickly attracted customers craving the old world quality and service for which we are renowned to this day.


Today our stores operate as EuroMax Foods – The Good Food Stores, under leadership of Irena and Jan’s son Greg. We are represented by three busy locations in Brampton, Mississauga and Milton as well as our logistic division operating under the name of Euro Club Logistics with its head office in Brampton, Ontario. Each and every one of our deli/grocery stores offers a variety of mostly European goods at exceptional price. Inside of clean, spacious and modern but still cozy and warm interiors you will find the original values and smell of freshly baked goods, but also a large assortment of unique breads, pastries, cakes, dairy products, cold cuts, smoked meats and sausages, pralines, candies, chocolates, condiments, as well as canned and frozen foods. Presented to the public with smile by well trained and courteous personnel.


Recent development and careful business planning makes EuroMax Foods a company on the go with ambitious goal of becoming a franchise opportunity for future investors. Creativity and strong management skills of people running the operations gives “EuroMax Foods” a trade mark supported by thousands of satisfied customers every day.

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