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Thank you for visiting Dress911, an independent online store. Originally from Thailand, I worked as a flight attendant for Qantas airways, flying throughout Europe and Asia. In each city, I enjoyed observing the unique fashions displayed by ordinary everyday women like myself, like you… on the streets, in the cafe, at the underground station, etc.

Visiting small independent clothing stores featuring smaller designers has always been very exciting to me. The contrasting trends, and the influences that different regions were having on one another made me better appreciate how interconnected the world is becoming, even through fashion. It was under these influences that I decided to change course and work with what I enjoy the most, clothes!

Several years later, and on the other side of the world, Canada, my dream has become my reality with the online store Dress911.com. Our concept is clothing that is both vintage-inspired and presented by smaller designers. Our selection ranges from daytime casual to cocktail parties, styles from movie stars of yesteryear to the latest revived fashion on magazine covers, liberating indie designs to humble simplicity. Each piece is unique and is a statement.

As an online shopaholic, myself, I understand what its like for the customer when shopping online and will do my upmost to give you the best service possible. Please contact me personally for any questions that you may have. Source: Dress911 online