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When faced with the possibility of a criminal record or a term of imprisonment (jail), choosing the right Criminal Defence Lawyers in Toronto or Calgary will be an important decision.

We believe that the decisions you make at the early stages of this process often have an considerable effect on the outcome of the proceedings and your chances of success in marshalling a defence in your favour.  

This website contains information and general guidance on some of the factors one should take into consideration in deciding to hire the right defence lawyer for you or a family member.  

Contact our law office at 403-585-1960 or 1-888-695-2211 for an initial free consultation for up to thirty minutes.

Undoubtedly, the imposition of a criminal charge under the Criminal Code of other federal legislation in Canada will levy a significant amount of stress to your life.

Part of the stress associated with such charges is based on a lack of understanding of the system and the law that prevails in criminal law