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About De Luca’s

De Luca

De Luca’s has dedicated the past 50 years to curating a truly food forward environment with something for the epicure in everyone.

From classic Italian ingredients to unique seasonal produce, every item you see on our shelves has been thoughtfully selected.

Discover our collection of signature De Luca’s products that have been developed with the highest standard–each ingredient consciously sourced, and guaranteed to be of the best quality and flavour. 

De Luca’s has been supplying the highest quality traditional, and seasonal ingredients to restaurants and grocers in Winnipeg since 1969. 

We are very excited to be operating from a brand new warehouse, production and distribution centre at 66 South Landing Dr. in Oak Bluff, MB.

This location, expected to open in the new year (2018) will also house a new retail outlet, kitchen, café, and coffee roasting facility. 

Over the years, we have expanded, refined and delivered a diverse selection of fine Mediterranean foods–from original De Luca’s Brand product and recipes to quality imported goods.

We are dedicated to all those who love to celebrate food and who ultimately help make life more delicious.