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We give you our commitment that we can meet and exceed your commercial cleaning and maintenance demands, and satisfy your budget.

We have the experience and resources, through our extensive knowledge to provide the best commercial cleaning service you can get. 

CONTACT US for a free consultation and experience the difference.

All Cleaning Angels employees are bonded, insured, WorkSafe BC covered, properly trained, will be neat in appearance and carry proper company identification.

One of our goals is to develop a skilled and knowledgeable team, able to introduce customers to environmentally safe cleaning habits and help our clients to maintain these efforts between our visits.

We believe companies are built on the strengths and talents of its people.

Working together we aim to achieve a standard of excellence to ensure the quality of service to you, a productive environment for ourselves and a healthier planet for all.

At Cleaning Angels we share a vision that combines a commitment to both natural, safe cleaning practices and our determination to provide customers with a spotless business.

We offer an alternative to other cleaning companies that use chemical cleaning products. Products that are known to pose health and environmental concerns.

We provide our customers with the finest quality green cleaning services, using the safest most effective all natural cleaning products, all backed up by friendly, professionally trained and insured Service Providers.

Our cleaning service providers are educated in up-to-date green cleaning methods.

We believe that public education on social and environmental issues is an important key to the health and prosperity of individuals and the community as a whole.