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Buckberger Baerg & Partners LLP is Saskatchewan’s fastest growing firm of diverse and talented Chartered Professional Accountants.

With a unique blend of education, background and experience, our team is meeting the needs of a growing list of clients focusing on owner-managed businesses that are seeking attentive, personalized tax and accounting services.

Whether offering advice to an individual on areas for financial improvement and tax planning, or managing the financial systems of large corporations, our highly skilled professionals are able to provide service to a wide range of clients with diverse requirements.

We are a fresh and vibrant firm committed to serving each unique client efficiently and with the utmost integrity.

Established in 2014, our highly skilled team of eight partners, together with associates and staff, has extensive experience providing assurance, tax, IT, consulting and advisory services across Saskatchewan and Western Canada.

Our partners were mentored and thrived – four as associate partners and four as senior managers – in a very reputable local independent accounting firm, well known for the creative tax planning that its founding members brought to their clients.

Our group of eight believed we could offer something valuable as a partnership anchored on dedication to exceptional accounting, assurance, taxation and business advisory services.

The partners wanted to create a firm that attracts clients with whom we can form strong relationships.

We believe strongly in our partners, associates, and staff and the diverse skill set that our team brings to the table.

We are committed to building trustworthy partnerships for clients across a variety of accounting needs.

We understand the need for timely, quality service for a reasonable fee that thoroughly meets the requirements of each of our clients.

In our professional worlds as Chartered Professional Accountants, we were born and raised locally.

We understand and value our clients’ ways of doing business. It’s a fit for us. And for you.