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Breadner Veterinary Services Ltd. was established in January 1988 by Dr. Shelley Breadner in the Co-op Mall on Keating Crossroad.

The practice was designed to provide quality veterinary medicine in a warm and caring environment. Dr. Breadner graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon in 1983.

After graduation, she began her career on the Saanich Peninsula. She has had a life long love for animals of all types.

This is reflected in her manner, as well as that of her staff’s, in regard to working with animals and people.

Dr. Emma Cope has been with the practice since 1997. Dr. Emma is always enthusiastic about her role as a veterinarian.

Dr. Melanie Conard joined the practice in 2004, bringing with her a vast knowledge of avian and exotic pets, along with her experience of small animals.

In May 2004, the Breadner family moved in to a brand new custom built hospital. Measuring approx 6700 sq ft, it was designed by Dr. Breadner and Moore Patterson Architects.

The philosophy behind the building’s design is the comfort of patients, clients, and staff alike.

Features of the building include a back garden with gazebo for quiet moments with your pet, a hallway of windows with bamboo sprouting outside, and a fun springtime fountain near the entrance of the building.

Dr. Breadner’s artwork is displayed throughout the clinic.

Most of the pictures have been featured on her highly popular Christmas cards, prepared especially for our clients.

The Victoria Real Estate Board chose the hospital as a recipient of the Commercial Building Award of Excellence in 2004.