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About Big Box Outlet Store

Mark Funk, Founder and President of Big Box Outlet Store, formerly MTF Price Matters, has made a long career of finding big success by recognizing great opportunities. So when the liquidation industry lost two of its largest players recently, Mark and his team swept into action by first securing Liquidation World’s former Maple Ridge store and now reopening the Grandview Highway location of XS Cargo.

So what does Mark know that his former competitors didn’t? “We know how to keep it current,” says Funk. “Big Box Outlet Store offer people brand names and great deals on a variety of merchandise, including clothing for the family, shoes, electronics, furniture, grocery and more. If it’s not recognizable by consumers we try to stay away from it. We never lose sight of what our customers love, and that’s brand names and great deals.”

Big Box Outlet Store was able to hire the entire XS Cargo staff at the Grandview location, which speaks to his company’s core commitment to social responsibility. “Vancouver / Burnaby is a great location for us”, says Mark. “It gives us access to a huge clientele that we have yet to reach out to in our 30-year history as this will be our first venture into the Vancouver marketplace. We had this on our radar after working with a class of students at BCIT on a strategic management project. Less than 5% of the class had ever heard of us and pretty much everyone said they would shop with us if we were more accessible.

“I think it’s pretty safe to say that customers in the Fraser Valley will travel into the city to shop but the feeling isn’t mutual. Vancouver shops locally and public transit is important.” The new 3057 Grandview Highway location is close to the Skytrain Millennium line and will feature approximately 12,000 sq. ft. of brand name merchandise priced approximately 25% to 50% off wholesale.

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