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It all started with a trip to Australia in the early 1990′s. ‘”What is this footwear everyone is wearing?”, we wondered. Then we learned that Aussies wear their boots proudly from cradle to grave. When we bought ourselves a few pairs and put them through their paces, we knew why. Nothing we had ever worn felt so downright, well, right.

Since 1994, Australian Boot Company’s notion of style has more to do with how a person feels than how they look. We also believe that no one should be tied to cumbersome lace-up boots and a growing list of satisfied customers around the world prove that more than a few people agree.

We stock a full range of Australia’s three favourite boot brands, Blundstone, R.M.Williams and UGGS. Through millions of miles (and even more kilometres) of punishment under the worst imaginable conditions, the quality, comfort, durability and staying power are evident. These boots are not a here today and history tomorrow purchase but rather a long term investment you will not regret. You will find other best-of-class products on our shelves, such as ultra-comfortable Icebreaker Merino wool socks, and Smartwool socks.

Check out our products for yourself and we are sure you will agree. Australian Boot Company sells the world’s best boots.

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