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About Appelt’s Diamond


Folks say it was a mild summer day in Morden back in 1938, when Benjamin Appelts unlocked the front door to his store for the very first time and invited the public to come inside.

Benjamin loved time, and filled his store with almost every timepiece imaginable.

If he wasn’t behind the counter, he could always be found at his workbench — surrounded by ticking, whirring, and bells that chimed on the hour — giving his undivided attention to a clock or watch that needed fixing.

People trusted Benjamin and it wasn’t long before Appelt’s became the place to visit when weddings, anniversaries and special celebrations called for unique gifts of jewellery.

Benjamin soon had a trusted assistant in son Bert, who at the age of 9 found himself ensconced at the Appelt’s counter, helping customers and absorbing everything he could about the jewellery business.

As a young man, Bert took over the family business and worked hard to make his own vision a reality — the dream of giving everyone in southern Manitoba access to the finest jewellery and best customer service in the world.