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About Steve Nash Fitness Clubs

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We’re dedicated to developing the most effective training programs just for you.

Whatever your goals are.

Our community of members and staff share an energy that inspires the potential in us all.

We’ve been helping people live a healthier life over the last 50 years.

We’re all on a mission to achieve results and we’re not afraid to work for it.

Our supportive team of highly skilled professionals will provide you with the latest knowledge on our wide-selection of innovative fitness classes, focused workout programs, the benefits of nutrition, as well as progressive personal training techniques and the most advanced equipment to maximize your experience.

We know life gets busy, so our convenient locations and hours have been established to support your commitment to fitness success.

We opened our doors in Vancouver 2007, with the endorsement of professional basketball athlete Steve Nash.

In-line with his vision of promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle for all, we continue to redefine the standard gym experience as BC’s largest fitness provider with 22 clubs and growing.