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Plyometric training involves quick, powerful movements using a pre-stretch, or counter-movement that engages the body’s stretch shortening cycle (SSC).

The SSC employs the energy storage capabilities and stimulation of the stretch reflex to facilitate a maximal increase in muscle recruitment over a minimal amount of time.

Maximum refers to the maximum speed, strength, power, quickness, agility, balance, stability, control, overall fitness and athleticism a person can possesses.

Plyomax is a form of advanced plyometric training designed to cater to individuals with athletic abilities that range from introductory to advanced.

Plyomax helps you increase your lean muscle mass, body definition, athleticism, balance, agility, coordination, fitness level, and introduces individuals to their maximum Plyometric abilities while reducing inhibitions and increasing their athletic abilities.

Through Plyomax training, an individual can attain peak fitness and train their muscles to reach maximum force in the shortest possible time, while reducing the chances of injury.

Plyometric training has been defined as an exercise characterized by powerful muscular contractions in response to rapid, dynamic stretching of the muscles involved.

The muscle flexes and extends and through this type of exercise the reflex process is improved.

Plyomax training does not need to be specific because it trains amongst other things the most essential component of an athlete’s body: the core.

The core is made up of the muscles of the abdomen and middle and lower back.

Your core needs to be engaged in order to produce power, efficiency, prevent early fatigue, and help endure in any sports movement or fitness activity.

Sometimes people refer to their “weaker arm or leg”, or to the “weaker” part of the body.

Plyomax improves this aspect of the human body so that opposing and opposite muscles can perform very close to or at equal strength.