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About Grimard Optique

Grimard Optique Online

Founded in 1980, Grimard Optique currently has 22 eyewear stores, all guided by the same aspiration to fully satisfy their customers.

The company is the direct philosophical reflection of its founder, Mr. Robert Grimard, o. o. d. Passion, dedication, and professionalism are always in order.

Therefore, it is with great attention to detail that we invite you to meet our professionals who will satisfy your needs and that of your family!

Always with the aim of offering you a high-quality service, Grimard Optique places at your disposal opticians, optometrists, and assistants.

We offer you visual and laboratory examinations as well as eye glasses and contact lens services.

When an eye exam is performed by an optometrist, screening for eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal detachments, and cataracts will be routinely performed.

In addition to our rigor for your eye health, you will also find a wide range of quality products ranging from optical and solar frames to contact lenses.

Grimard Optique opticians will be happy to assist you in choosing an ideal solution and customizing it to your needs.